Weave the Americas // Tejer las Américas

[Portland, Oregon
June 2013
Photo credit Hasmood]

Weave the Americas will link creators throughout South, Central, and North America by traveling from Argentina to Canada, collaborating with local artists to create a constellation of murals and a 3D map that keeps us connected.

Creativity provides the opportunity to meet each other with an alert mind, a present heart, an ignited soul, and active hands.
The murals are composed of hands that combine one by one to create a vibrant tapestry of collaboration and exchange.

While each murals is created, the production site will be a stage for expression for the local community and also a platform for international exchange via livestream and an interactive 3D map.

The first section of the trip:
Together we will Weave the Americas and connect a community as united as it is diverse.
Tejer las Américas 2014

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