The Artist

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Justine Massey is a California-raised visual artist specializing in photography, video and action-activism work. She is interested in the coexistence of multiple images in reflective surfaces such as glass or water.  Similarly, she explores ways in which multi-cultural perspectives formed through creative interaction can combine to form a more in-depth vision of the world. She is currently creating stereographic (3D) photographs using a technique from the 19th century. Justine also integrates video, music and performance to continue the work of Fluxus artists in reaching beyond the traditional limits of the visual arts, bringing creativity into life in order to empower and embolden.

Having graduated from Stanford University with a major in Art Studio, Justine moved to Buenos Aires in January of 2011 to continue her studio work and recently completed a graduate program in IUNA (Nactional University Institute of Art).  Her work BOOM: Global Creative Action was an international collaboration which linked 8 cities in 7 countries in a simultaneous mega-event connected via live video.

In November 2013, Justine will embark on Weave the Americas // Tejer las Américas, building a constellation of murals and creators throughout the Americas, from Argentina to Canada.